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In my 16 years of listening, I can honestly say that nothing like that has ever happened on that show. To hear Howard make a joke about my dead owl drawing was completely unexpected and funny.That dead owl represents the most sensitive and personal experience of my life, the death of my grandmother, my hero.So, at the very end, he summed me up by saying, "OK, this is Robyn O'Neil, she's a famous artist, and I wish her luck with Benjy".....within the first two hours of Howard saying my full name, I was the 3rd most searched "phrase" on google. Except making my parents upset, it was all a great experience.All day, because of this show, I was in the top 20 of all things searched on google. I had the greatest time, but I just don't like people thinking this is somehow entwined with my art life.

The guy who crashed Roger Goodell's NFL news conference is apologizing for screaming "DON'T PUT ME IN THE ELEVATOR" in the middle of the event ... You know Benjy Bronk from the "Howard Stern Show" -- and at Friday's NFL news conference, he did what he always does at high-profile events ...

So, let us see how the two have been doing that and also learn if the man is dating anyone lately!

You might as well know it that most people do not like to have any close connection with their exes when they are done with them.

And these are people I don't know personally, so I know they truly mean it. I wish to God Artie and I could spend some time together, but that's up to him. He mentioned how much he loved the gifts on the show on Monday.

I guess, like Howard himself, this isn't for everyone. The people who don't get it are just not my kind of people. We have each other's contact information, so we'll see. He apparently already read the book I gave him, "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex" by Nathaniel Philbrick. I started oil painting with my grandma when I was five years old. I did a bit of everything until about seven years ago.

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